Galileo Systems

New company GALILEO Systems

Galileo Systems originated from GMTO the automotive training and diagnostic company in Holland and Belgium. The former founder and owner of GMTO, Ruud Metzelaar, continued with the development of automotive training systems. The latest developments are incorporated into the new company called Galileo Systems. The current Galileo system has had a development time of two years. From this base, relatively rapidly expanding creations and new applications are developed.


The training System

GALILEO Systems has developed the Galileo simulator range, an advanced simulation system offering a completely new, unique and cost-effective way to teach automotive technicians. It has long been known that the most effective method to educate a mechanic is through practical work with "tools". Galileo now seamlessly combines theoretical training with the highest level of practical problem solving in a realistic and pedagogical way, creating better understanding, greater everyday recognition and by far a more accelerated learning.

Usually many faults and errors can be found using diagnostic tools with good coverage in brands, models, systems etc. But far from all problems can be solved by reading fault codes. Troubleshooting always requires good skills, knowledge in different automotive systems and electronics, the right technical information and advanced testing equipment to quickly and precisely track down a tricky problem.

In order to be a profitable workshop, not only making enough money to survive but being able to invest in the future, the workshop must minimize, or preferably eliminate every non-billable minute of troubleshooting. A garage well known for its knowhow and spot on repairs immediately generates goodwill and a growing customer base.