Automotive Simulation System Galileo

After years of experience with troubleshooting various vehicle systems, training and manufacturing modular training simulators, GALILEO Systems has now developed a new type of simulators. The older training simulators were equipped with real components, making them bulky and heavy but especially time-consuming and costly to manufacture.

The new series of simulators is more compact, flexible and most importantly; cheaper and easier to manufacture. The new design makes the simulator very easy to transport as the base unit fits in a standard briefcase and weighs only 5 kilograms. It can also easily be adapted to various automotive systems. For example, simulating an older multipoint injection system with conventional electromagnetic injectors and a minute later you can run a modern direct injection system with piezo injectors! Furthermore, add a full simulation of environmental exhaust after treatment and you have a fully functional vehicle in a briefcase!

In addition to various gasoline systems the Galileo Simulation System also offers diesel systems, ABS, Air Condition, CAN bus, hybrid and electric vehicles, lighting, electric power steering etc. By simply shifting the "wiring diagram" (over layer) the simulator automatically configures itself to a completely different system. Depending on the wiring diagram attached, the simulator will change all the simulated values to be realistic and consistent with the desired system.

In addition to this, the system also includes a hand held control module. Depending on the selected system (EMS, Airco, ABS, etc.) the module can control all functions as desired. The controller includes a “dashboard" (display, LED indicators, ignition and starter), “pedals” (accelerator, brake and clutch) and “steering wheel” (3D joystick). Features such as engine load (accelerating), cornering (steering), gear shifting, fuel cut-off, cruise control, etc. can be simulated but also added with different kinds of drivability problems. Even the difficulty level of troubleshooting can be selected as different causes to a problem can be chosen (wiring, connectors, sensors, actuators, pressure, temperature etc.). Even short problems can be made in all components and wiring.

The control module also works as a diagnostic tool; as in real life you can read and erase trouble codes, monitor live data, readiness tests and much more. Even software download procedures can be simulated.

Different diagnostic methods and tools can now be evaluated. Use the built-in diagnostic tool and/or a regular multimeter - but you are not going to discover and verify the trickiest of problems without an oscilloscope! Standard is galileo equipped with 20 selectable problems from simple to very nasty ones even with now and then occurrence. Extendable to 150 problems per system.